Private Sale or Dealership Trade in?

It's time to sell your vehicle - so do you sell the vehicle yourself through private sale or go through a dealership?

Selling your vehicle privately through the likes of Trademe, Facebook etc means that you are on control of the selling price of the vehicle and can control the terms of the sale. Selling privately will mean you have to do your homework to get the best selling price. Selling privately will mean the buyer will want to inspect the vehicle from top to bottom, inside out. You will want the vehicle looking immaculate for any potential buyers.

Trading your vehicle in with a dealer relieves you of any pressure and can often be easier when in comes to trading in your vehicle to upgrade on your new finance contract. However, you are not in control of the selling price of your vehicle and will often make 10-20% less than you would through a private sale.

The sale is quick and gets you into your new vehicle quick and hassle free.

Whether you decide to sell your vehicle privately or through a dealership, you want to make sure your vehicle is looking it's best so you can make the most profit possible for your vehicle. Providing paperwork and servicing logs will also increase the chances of a quicker sale - you want to show the buyer that you have looked after the vehicle and it has been well maintained.

Looking to trade in your vehicle and upgrade? Contact Donna or Kelly NOW!

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