Finance Lease

By financing your new or used vehicles, Trucks, Diggers, Plant, Equipment and similar items through us you can get the vehicle and equipment you need now.  Even better our finance options are generally secured against the specific asset without involving other security.

  • Possession Of the Vehicle
    The Finance Lease is a non-ownership product. At the end of the agreement term you can take possession of the vehicle on payment of the residual value, or you can sell the vehicle and repay the residual amount. Any funds in excess of the residual are returned to you to either reintroduce into your business or as a deposit on your next vehicle.

  • Tax deduction may be available
    As you are GST registered, you can claim the GST content in the monthly payments and the monthly rental is deductible for business use.
    Please refer to your accountant for any further advice.

  • Deposits may be placed into the contracts
    By placing a deposit into the contract, the monthly repayments can be reduced to suit your budget.


  • Fixed interest rate for the term
    Because the interest rate is set at the beginning of the term, you don't need to concern yourself with changing market rates.


  • Choice of residual value
    Placing a residual value at then end of the contract, results in monthly payments being smaller and more manageable.


  • Working capital not tied up
    Financing instead of buying outright retains more working capital within your business.

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