We are All About:

Offering you Finance Solutions in situations that other larger funders may not – as well as the ones that they do.

Funding new AND second hand assets:

  • Cars, Utes, Vans, Trucks – small, big & massive

  • Machinery – Excavators, Bob cats, Fork hoists, Rollers, Bulldozers, Skidders

  • Agricultural equipment – Tractors, Mowers, Harvesters, Hay & Silage, Tillage & Seeding, Spraying

  • Fixed Factory Plant and Equipment – Compressors, Lathes, Laser Cutters


We are not just All About providing finance we're also All About:

  • Funding equipment, engine and machinery repairs or rebuilds

  • Offering longer monthly terms to match the economic life of your asset and its intended use

  • Supporting your business to grow and achieve success


We are a business All About:

Understanding your business and how it operates, the vehicle, plant & equipment you use and how you use it.

In understanding your business, we can then work with you to structure your finance appropriately to match your intended use of the assets, while keeping your monthly payments affordable.


We are also All About providing you with:

Flexibility and options – As an independent Broker, we can set up your funding with the most appropriate finance product as well as place your funding needs with the most appropriate Financier to best suit your individual business requirements.


All About our approach:

We are a small specialist financier with an innovative approach to providing finance and work with small to medium sized business’s.

  • We work hard to know and understand your individual business requirements - currently, as well as to help plan forwards for your future needs

  • You will deal with us as individuals - receiving personalised service for your unique business - not a corporate brand. “People dealing with people”

  • We do ‘plain speaking and easy to understand’ - helping de-mystify what is needed to organise finance. “Keeping It Simple”

  • We can help you understand and evaluate your financial accounts to see where you can maximise your cash flow and minimise your debt

  • If you get into a tight spot during your finance term, you can talk to us and we will work with you to look at solutions

  • With our team of experts that work alongside us, we can source additional information and offer you their services for additional business requirements


We see you as busy people trying to grow and run a successful business, and we are here to help add value to your business and help you reach your goals.



“We are good at organising your finance

so you can get on with doing what you are good at”