We are a small specialist finance broker with an innovative approach to providing
finance and leasing for your small to medium sized business.

We are All About:

  • Understanding your business and how it operates.

  • Understanding the vehicle, plant and equipment you use and how you use it.

  • Finding the most appropriate finance product to best suit your needs. 

  • Creating a suitable monthly or seasonal payment schedule to match your businesses income cycle.

  • Helping retain cashflow for use in your business instead of purchasing outright.

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All About Finance is a small specialised arm of Lease car (NZ) Limited which has been servicing people like you since 1990


Funding a vehicle or an asset on a lease or a loan enables you to free up capital and use it for other purposes.

Finance Lease

First and foremost, you want to drive the vehicle of your dreams. You don't need to own it.

The Finance Lease is a non-ownership product. The financier is the owner of the vehicle and you the customer pay the monthly repayments that are fixed and based on the amount financed, less the residual value of the vehicle at the end of the lease term.


There's nothing quite like having ownership of your company vehicle and other assets.

Even better when you don't need to tie up your working capital to do so. By partnering with All About Finance you can have the use and ownership of your vehicle, plant or machinery and retain your working capital for better use.


At all times they have had our best interest  at heart and we have always been dealing with a reliable trustworthy group of people.

Dr Simon M Kelly

Mt Eden Chiropractic

"...will always come up with the right solution for me and my company, not simply “make the sale and walk away” Lease Car Limited is the type of supplier you wish all your other suppliers were  like

Vaughan Tombs
Kiwi Tissue

They are very easy and knowledgeable to deal with, look beyond the obvious which we have found is the benefit of dealing with individuals versus the larger leasing companies

Lorinda Hiko


For all enquiries regarding your lease options, please contact All About Finance to discuss what options best suit you and your business. We are able to assist anywhere in New Zealand.

Ph: 021 532 737


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